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Conference and Training Rooms


About Our Company

AVX-CHANGE has an extensive team of technicians that can serve just about every area of the country and internationally. We have Cisco Certified team members, so you can be confident that you are getting top notch service from AVX-CHANGE, Inc.

President & CEO, Owen Casino, drives strategic vision for the company. Owen got his start over twenty years ago studying computers and electronics. In the early 1990’s Owen was part of a small software company which designed voice activated controls systems for home automation and commercial applications (Synergy), which was purchased by AMX Corporation to help get its “SYNERGY” Media Retrieval System off the ground. Since 1989 Owen has been involved with Data Retrieval applications & Video Conferencing systems mixing the latest technologies to maximize and serve his customers in the best possible way.

Leading Edge Technology

Leading corporations, businesses and organizations rely on AVX-CHANGE to instantaneously mobilize our resources to provide technical expertise and creative savvy to “make it happen” and provide impressive service for board meetings that you can't get from the other A/V companies. Our top management visits with our clients to take the time to get to know them, their goals and visions. We look at the role of our audio-visual services as a partnership with our clients, so we are able to better anticipate opportunities and work with operations managers to deliver a memorable high tech experience.

  • Boardrooms: Corporate meetings, sales conferences and stockholder meetings
  • Conference Rooms: Corporate meetings, sales conferences and stockholder meetings
  • Training Rooms: Corporate meetings, sales conferences and stockholder meetings

Service & Support

Appearance and High Tech performance is only part of our corporate services. The service you receive before, and after the sale is equally important. AVX-CHANGE delivers World Class service and support to our clients.

AVX-CHANGE has a proven track record in conceiving, designing and staging productions for corporate meetings, sales conferences, stockholder meetings and events and conventions for companies across the U.S. and beyond.

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