Audio Visual Integration

AVX-CHANGE installations dramatically enhance your overall corporate presentation and capture the undivided attention of your audience. The right combination of products and technology will ensure that your multimedia presentations will be delivered at optimum performance.

Corporate Services

AVX-CHANGE can create your Boardroom, Conference Room, Training Rooms. Whatever your needs, AVX-CHANGE designs & equips them with the most High Tech, leading edge audio-visual technology available today.

But appearance and High Tech performance is only part of our corporate services. The service you receive before, and after the sale is equally important.

AVX-CHANGE has a proven track record in conceiving,designing and staging productions for corporate meetings, sales conferences, stockholder meetings and events and conventions for companies.

Leading corporations rely on us to instantaneously mobilize our resources providing technical expertise and creative savvy to make "sizzle" or provide impressive service for board meetings. We take the time to get to know our corporate clients because our top management visits you directly. We look at the role of our audio-visual services as a partnership with you, so we are able to better anticipate opportunities & work with operations managers in delivering a memorable high tech experience.

The relationship we have with you is based on a commitment to exceed your expectations through attention to detail, by listening, providing an honest assessment, a fair price and the ability to keep our promise.

Multiple Screen Video Conferencing